Ciao Ciao

Martin Zimmermann

Ballett Theater Basel
& Aimé Morales, Eline Guélat

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In this family piece, two circus artists meet the Basel Ballet Company in a very imaginative world.

Gelsomina is funny, clever and hates rules. And if she follows any, then only her own. Her friend believes he knows how theatre works, what it needs and what it doesn’t. But these notions turn Gelsomina’s world upside down and inside out. Together, the two discover that the stage is much more than just a black hole with curtains: but an ingenious magic box with endless possibilities for daring acrobatics, versatile dancers and clownish figures. In this imaginative family play, Swiss multi-artist Martin Zimmermann brings together two circus artists and the Basel ballet ensemble, thereby taking us on a journey into a visually stunning, Fellinesque universe.


Duration: 50 min
Genre: Danse / Théâtre / Cirque
Age limit: 6 ans

Concept, staging, choreography: Martin Zimmermann
Artistic and choreographic collaboration: Romain Guion
Dramaturgy: Sabine Geistlich
Stage design: Simeon Meier
Costumes: Susanne Boner
Light: Sarah Büchel
Rehearsal assistance: Debora Maiques Marin
Stage design assistance: Jana Furrer
Costumes assistance: Anna Michaelis

Created and interpreted with:
Dancers: Giacomo Altovino, Lydia Caruso, Mikaela Kelly, David Lagerqvist, Stefanie Pechtl
Circus artists: Eline Guélat, Aimé Morales

Production: MZ Atelier
Coproduction: Theater Basel • Tanzhaus Zürich
With the support of: Novartis, Gönnerkreis Theater Basel

Premiere: 1 December 2022, Theater Basel – Schauspielhaus

Martin Zimmermann is supported by a cooperative funding agreement with the Culture Department City of Zurich, Department of Culture Canton Zurich and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council.

Martin Zimmermann is Associated Artist at maisondelaculture de Bourges / Scène Nationale and at Tanzhaus Zürich.

Estimated duration: 50 min
Genre: Danse / Théâtre / Cirque
Age limit: 6 ans



  • Zürich CH 06.12 – 06.14 Tanzhaus Zürich
  • Schaffhausen CH 05.04 Stadttheater Schaffhausen
  • Zug CH 01.14 Theater Casino Zug
  • Basel CH 01.08 – 01.11 Theater Basel – Schauspiel


  • Basel CH 12.04 – 12.20 Theater Basel – Schauspiel
  • Basel CH 12.01 PREMIERE • Theater Basel – Schauspiel
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Ciao Ciao
  • Ciao Ciao


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