Creation 2021


Creation 2021 presents a type of family that forms out of necessity and lives, or rather survives, in a garbage dump. The focus here is on a form of family that is becoming increasingly common: a temporary and kaleidoscopically changing affiliation which individuals hope will provide them with shelter and a moment of belonging or some security. For the system is dual. Anyone not giving in to the tyranny of compulsory consumption ends up with what the system excludes: the garbage. The fact that the piece is set in a dump, a waste disposal facility, may be read as a metaphor for the limitedness of possibilities in modern society: anything felt to be disturbing is cast out and disposed of on the dump. What lives here is excluded. In a fragile and constantly changing form of togetherness, an attempt is made to develop a parallel world with its own survival strategy and, above all, its own meaning in life.


Duration: 1h15
Genre: Dance / Theatre / Circus / Music
Age limit: 12 years

Concept, direction, choreography, costumes: Martin Zimmermann
Created with and interpreted by: Tarek Halaby, Dimitri Jourde, Methinee Wongtrakoon, Martin Zimmermann
Music creation: tbd
Dramaturgy: Sabine Geistlich
Stage design: Martin Zimmermann, Simeon Meier
Technical conception stage design:
Ingo Groher
Sound design:
Andy Neresheimer
Light design: Sarah Büchel
Stage design construction: Ingo Groher
Artistic collaboration and Oeil extérieur: Eugénie Rebetez
Assistant director: tbd
Creation stage manager: tbd
Painting: Michèle Rebetez-Martin
Costumes confection:  Doris Mazzella
Nelly Rodriguez
Jonas Jäggy, Lukas Gähwiler
Graphic: Marietta Eugster Studio
Administration, distribution: Alain Vuignier
International producer:
Claire Béjanin
Manuela Schlumpf
Technical office: Sarah Büchel
Accounting: Conny Heeb

Production: MZ Atelier
Co-production: in process

Premier: Autumn 2021, Zürich

Martin Zimmermann is supported by a cooperative funding agreement with the Culture Department City of Zurich, Department of Culture Canton Zurich and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council.

Martin Zimmermann is Associated Artist at Tanzhaus Zürich.

Estimated duration: 1h15
Genre: Dance / Theatre / Circus / Music
Age limit: 12 years
  • Creation 2021


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