Martin Zimmermann

Bérengère Bodin, Marianna de Sanctis, Eline Guélat, Rosalba Torres Guerrero

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They reverse roles, turn the existing order upside down, disobey instructions. They are anarchic and wonderful. They are uproarious and mysterious. They are wild and exquisite. They are all Louise.

In a probing and peculiar laboratory, absurd things unfold: experiments of all kinds are conducted with human matter. Four artists (Bérengère Bodin, Eline Guélat, Rosalba Torres Guerrero and Marianna de Sanctis) take turns in playing the roles of leader, of office boss, and of guinea pig, patient and slave to all in this place where tyranny reigns. In this thrilling role-play, body, mind, and soul rebel and resist. The protagonists cover their tracks to save their own skin. And thanks to their incredible strength, their raging anger, their quirky humour, their glitzy glamour, and their joie de vivre, they slap tyranny firmly in the face. With creativity and passion, they defy the abysmal, opening up bright new prospects.

Martin Zimmermann’s new work LOUISE is about resistance and the urge to move freely. For 25 years, the multiple award-winning Zurich-based Swiss choreographer has been creating theater with no words using a mix of contemporary circus, dance, and stage installation.

«My humour is the ridiculous form of the sorrowful. Sorrow is raised to the comedic – and this is how it’s overcome. Tragicomedy, for me, has the force of an obsessive power: it’s radical, razor sharp, and necessarily malicious, but also mischievous, precise and enigmatic. This complexity serves as the inspiration and starting point for my work.»
Martin Zimmermann


Duration: 1h30
Genre: Dance / Theatre / Circus
Age limit: from 12 years

Concept, staging, choreography: Martin Zimmermann
Created with and interpreted by: Bérengère Bodin, Eline Guélat, Marianna de Sanctis, Rosalba Torres Guerrero
Music creation: Tobias Preisig
Dramaturgy: Sabine Geistlich
Stage design: Simeon Meier, Martin Zimmermann
Artistic and choreographic collaboration: Romain Guion
Costumes: Susanne Boner
Light designUeli Kappeler
Sound design: Andy Neresheimer
Stage manager: Doris Berger
Stage construction: Schauspielhaus Zürich
Costume design and puppet construction: Schauspielhaus Zürich, Susanne Boner
Motorization: Markus Binder
Deputy stage manager: Noah Geistlich
Technical team:
Doris Berger, Franck Bourgoin,
Jérôme Bueche, Ueli Kappeler, Mateu Pascual Labourdette, Andy Neresheimer, Jan Olieslagers
Production and distribution: Alain Vuignier 
International producer:
 Claire Béjanin
Technical office: Ueli Kappeler
 Désirée Myriam Gnaba
Fundraising: Manuela Schlumpf 

Production: MZ Atelier

Coproduction: Schauspielhaus Zürich • Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg • Théâtre de Carouge • Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zürich • Theater Winterthur • Theater-und Musikgesellschaft Zug • maisondelaculture de Bourges / Scène Nationale • Le Manège-scène nationale de Maubeuge • Kurtheater Baden (in progress)

With the support of: Ernst Göhner Stiftung

With special thanks to: Kurtheater Baden  Tanzhaus Zürich • Theater Neumarkt • Darko Soolfrank

Final rehearsals at Schauspielhaus Zürich – Schiffbau

Premiere: 30 November 2024, Schauspielhaus Zürich – Schiffbau

Estimated duration: 1h30
Genre: Dance / Theatre / Circus
Age limit: from 12 years



  • Paris F 05.13 – 05.24 Rond Point – Paris
  • Zug CH 05.07 – 05.08 Casino Theater Zug
  • Nyon CH 05.01 – 05.02 Usine a gaz
  • Chur CH 03.28 – 03.29 Theater Chur
  • Aix-en-Provence F 01.30 – 01.31 Les Théâtres – Aix-en-Provence


  • Zürich CH 11.30 – 12.15 Schauspielhaus Zürich


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