Mr. Skeleton

Films and installation:
Martin Zimmermann
Augustin Rebetez 

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This unusual collaboration between Augustin Rebetez and Martin Zimmermann was inspired by classic silent films to develop a shrill collection of wonderfully comical moments taking a tongue-in-cheek look at our own time. The twelve short films in black and white, shot as stop-motion, adopt a home-made, spontaneous, indeed a rocky aesthetic. They show different characters, all of whom are played by Martin Zimmermann. Whether refugee, farmer, doctor, art dealer or bank robber — they are all terrible crooks, malicious rogues. The most cunning of them all, Mr. Skeleton, features in every episode. And he of all people, being more wicked than the others, will restore order to his world through retaliations, annihilations and other amusements.


The Adventures of Mr. Skeleton: 12 short films, each about 3-4 minutes
Characters, direction and performance: Martin Zimmermann
Picture, direction and editing: Augustin Rebetez Sound: Pascal Lopinat
Installation: Martin Zimmerman and Augustin Rebetez
Photographie: Augustin Rebetez
Construction and architecture of the cinema: Ingo Groher

Martin Zimmermann | MZ Atelier / Studio Augustin Rebetez
Co-production: Centre Culturel Suisse Paris, Tanzhaus Zurich The films were shot in Switzerland and Hong Kong. All rights reserved – Martin Zimmermann and Augustin Rebetez

Martin Zimmermann is supported by a cooperative funding agreement with the Culture Department City of Zurich, Department of Culture Canton Zurich and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council.

Martin Zimmermann is Associated Artist at Tanzhaus Zürich. 



  • Thun CH 09.15 – 12.03 Kunstmuseum Thun
  • Köln D 05.24 – 05.29 Circus Dance Festival
  • Marseille F 01.27 – 02.12 Biennale Internat. Arts du Cirque – BIAC • CCS


  • Chur CH 05.18 – 05.22 Schweizer Theatertreffen: Theater Chur
  • Bourges F 01.27 – 02.12 Biennale internat. Arts du Cirque – BIAC • CCS


  • Zürich CH 09.06 – 09.08 TANZHAUS ZÜRICH — Eröffnung
  • Paris F 02.25 – 07.14 CCS — Centre culturel suisse Paris


  • Vevey CH 09.08 – 09.30 Festival Images Vevey — Biennale des Arts Visuels
  • Mr. Skeleton
  • Mr. Skeleton
  • Mr. Skeleton
  • Mr. Skeleton
  • Mr. Skeleton


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