Goodbye Johnny

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The setting, time and reality of this piece change, just as our gaze and memory constantly change. Goodbye Johnny revolves around the simultaneity of excluding and displaying the discriminated, the disadvantaged, the disabled. Dealing with these issues is difficult to bear — for those who are excluded as well as for those who do the excluding. Do I really have to face this, can’t I just move on and forget? Sensation and irritation likewise arise simultaneously, as the shift from normality to exclusion occurs quickly and is radical, possibly irreversible. Johnny is also archetypal for those women and men who wholeheartedly and passionately pursue something and almost die if denied this aspiration. Thus, the play also revolves around the question of how to live a life that misses its true destiny — and whether there is a way out of this dilemma.
How does being in the world in this way really feel? How can one convey something that is impossible to convey? Goodbye Johnny creates an experience allowing us to oscillate between different emotional states — which opens up a form of understanding.


Duration: 1h
Genre: Dance / Theatre / Circus / Music
Age limit: 12 years

Concept, direction, choreography and costumes: Martin Zimmermann
Created with and interpreted by: Han Sue Lee Tischhauser, Martin Zimmermann
Music creation: Han Sue Lee Tischhauser
Sabine Geistlich
Stage design: Simeon Meier, Martin Zimmermann
Set design:
Simeon Meier, Martin Zimmermann
Construction set: Ingo Groher, Andi Hohl
Light design:
Sarah Büchel
Costumes confection:
Susanne Boner
Choreography assistance:
Dimitri Jourde, Romain Guion
Sound design:
Andy Neresheimer
Technical management:
Sarah Büchel
MZ Atelier
Accounting: Conny Heeb
Administration, distribution: Alain Vuignier
International Producer:
Claire Béjanin

Production: MZ Atelier

Final rehearsals at Tanzhaus Zürich.
Premier: 10 December 2020, Tanzhaus Zürich

Martin Zimmermann is supported by a cooperative funding agreement with the Culture Department City of Zurich, Department of Culture Canton Zurich and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council.

Martin Zimmermann is Associated Artist at Tanzhaus Zürich.

Estimated duration: 1h
Genre: Dance / Theatre / Circus / Music
Age limit: 12 years



  • Zürich CH 12.11 – 12.19 Tanzhaus Zürich
  • Zürich CH 12.10 PREMIERE • Tanzhaus Zürich
  • Goodbye Johnny
  • Goodbye Johnny
  • Goodbye Johnny
  • Goodbye Johnny


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